1)What is Classic Mountain Bike Endurance racing ?  Mixture of trails, dirt roads, and some pavement over tough terrain. This is NOT a gravel grinder.  See About the TC

2) How tough is this race? Tough, there is a lot of climbing up and over old mining areas.  Some of the climbs and descents are rocky.  There are a couple of sandy areas where the course crosses through washes.  Most of the course is on double track made by old wagons and model “T”‘s.  You will be treated to views of old mining history during the race/ride.

3)  Will I meet Tinker? Yes, Tinker will be in the race and staying at the Spicer Ranch through the weekend.  He will be riding in the Annual Mountain Bike Festival also.

4) What bike should I use? All bikes are appropriate with exceptions.  In other words, there are parts of the course that are perfect for some bikes over others. The course is designed to be ridden on a classic hardtail mountain bike -with or without front suspension. This bike will be the fastest on the pavement section and along the gravel road sections. Adding front suspension or Fat tires will give you an advantage in the rocky sections without loosing too much energy. ( NO E-BIKES!!! ) see full rules

Tinker’s Bike


If you choose a  Full suspension it will obviously be better on the descents, but might feel like too much bike on the road.

-Other Bike options

Single speeds will suffer on the rocky loose climbs , but might be a blast on the railroad grade and steep climbs.

Fat Bikes – We classify these as bikes having a 3.25 size tire or larger. This could be a fun option for this event. The large tires will float over the rough terrain and sand and add stability during the downhill sections. This bike will be a little slower on the road section at the start.

Cross Bike – A cross or gravel bike is not recommended for this race. The skinny tires will leave you with little control on the rough loose section and you might find yourself walking more than you wanted.

But at the end of the day we welcome you to bring your favorite bike, that you’re most comfortable with, because you be on it for a few hours.

5)  What nutrition is supplied? There will be a variety of real food + racing nutrition. Peanut Butter & Jelly, Fruit, Granola Bars, Salty Snacks & Water will be at all the feed zones. Check back to the Support Page for details before the race.

6)  Can I drop a Bag?  Yes, you can drop up to 2 bags for 100 K racers. Bags will be left at the Rhyolite Feed Zone and Death Valley /Stozzi Ranch Road Junction. Bags can not be plastic bags or paper from the grocery stores and must be closeable. Bags can not be larger than 14″ x 20 “. very small Coolers are OK.  Label your bag with your Bib Number, Last Name, and the Drop you want it left. #2 -RHY , #1 DVNP.

7)Tell me about the post-race party!! There will be a selection homemade taco’s, beer and water.  The beef is from local grass fed, ranch raised cattle. You will enjoy the cool grass and tree’s at the Spicer ranch while watching a local live band. Award ceremonies will take place just before dark with a fireworks show.

8)What is the weather  like? The average March temperature is 48 degree overnight lows and 72-80 degree highs.  It will be cool in the mornings until about 11:00 with the temperatures raising to 70’s in the afternoon.  Usually a breeze is blowing.  We have seen chilly weather also at times.

9)Where can people spectate? We want you to cheer on the racers, but in a safe way. We have 4 Locations we recommend you gather to spectate and provide aid to your race.

  1. Canteen Trail and Beatty Wash. Ride your bike the 9 miles on the Canteen trail to watch the racers drop down the Silica Mine road. This should be great fun as it is a section that can really divide the pack between those with great bike handling skills and those who will have to walk the section. Bring some snacks and your cow bell and cheer the pack on – Best viewing is from 8 am – 9:30 am.
  2. Beatty Town. Watch the start in Beatty and then stay as the racers come back though the Check point gate. Hang in town in the morning and grab coffee or breakfast at Gema’s, Mel’s Diner, or Denny’s. – Best Viewing 7 am & 9 am -11 am.
  3. Historic Rhyolite Ghost Town. This is a tourist destination all its own and the approximate 1/2 way mark for the racers. This is a great spot for racers to hand off extra clothing and grab special snacks. You can also just jump in and help the aid station volunteers and be part of the fun. – Best Viewing 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

          4. Spicer Ranch. The starts here and there will be a band, food, and green grass. Join the festival and demo a bike.

10) Is the Course “Open” ? NO, only registered racers with a number plate or qualifying volunteers may be on course during the race. The race will be pre-marked 1 week prior and on Sunday after for those wanted to sample sections.

11)  Will the Road Sections be Closed during the race?  Traffic here in Beatty on our dirt roads is very light.  On dirt only race support is expected.   We will be using portions of Hwy 95, the miles through Beatty from the start will be escorted by the Nye Co. Sheriff.  The return portion of the first loop to Beatty also travels about 3 1/2 miles back on Hwy 95. You are required to follow the rules of the road and watch for on coming traffic before entering the roadway.  A course crossing guard will be present to signal when it is safe to cross. Although traffic is light on Hwy 95, large vehicle travel at speeds in excess of 70 mph. Ride with care.

12) How do I get back to my car in Beatty? Escape Adventures will be providing Shuttles between the Spicer Ranch and Beatty once an hour post-race. 8 Am,   2 PM, 3 PM , 4 PM  & 5 Pm Leaving from the Kiosk.

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